Roshnee's Story

My name is Roshnee Sharma and I have been living with Peanut and Nut Allergies for pretty much my whole life (my condition was discovered when I was only 2 years old). I’m one of 3 million people in the United States that lives an altered life because of Nut Allergies. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and moved to Charlotte, NC in 2012.

I have attempted to do my best to cope with this condition and thankfully I have only endured two anaphylactic attacks. The last attack was when I was in kindergarten. The whole episode was very scary: teachers were injecting the EpiPen®, I was unable to breathe. The next thing I know, I’m being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.  After going through that emergency, I never wanted to endure anything remotely close to that.  Every food I have ever eaten since then has been verified several times by reading/re-reading its ingredients, making sure that there is no cross-contamination risk. This also meant, for an example, not being able to eat ice-cream for two years after my move to Charlotte as there is no commercial ice-cream available which is peanut/nut free. Finally, my mom learnt to make ice cream at home. It also meant being very careful of my surroundings as to what my friends are eating, and frankly, many times not being able to go to parties or sleep overs because of the risk of exposure while at someone’s home.

Dealing with this ailment has made me a much stronger person. It has helped to understand people better. Most of my friends are very supportive and considerate of my condition. I am very thankful to my friends and family for all the support.

This has also led me to become a more dedicated person in anything I do. Whether it is studies or my athletic career so far or my charity -, I find a way to enjoy them.

Roshnee Sharma, Founder

Here are some of the highlights of my life so far:

  • I am a student of Providence Day School in junior year. I currently have a 4.3 GPA
  • I love to play golf
  • Represented Canada in Junior World Golf Championships in 2008 and 2009
  • 3-year All-State Golfer in NC
  • Finished 2nd in All State Championship
  • Won Carolinas Golf Association 15 and under Championship in 2014
  • Nominated for Athlete of year in PDS in 2013

You can read more about my golf performance here and here.

Besides being a golfer, I am also a very open and friendly person. Thus, I welcome any input you might have for helping this cause. Whatever your experience with peanut/nut allergies is, I would love to hear from you. I know that my quest for raising funds that actually make a difference will not be an easy one, so I would love to have your support in any way you see fit.

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